During GMIC Beijing 2015, GWC will host a two day “appSpace” track on April 28th and 29th, 2015. “appSpace” will explore different platforms for developers, application operators, software providers and hardware suppliers to analyze current and future industry trends. “appSpace” track is expected to host over 3,000 developers.

Developer Conference

A one-day summit that will showcase different IT success stories as well as explore the different market trends in the area of app development including cloud computing, big data, making a Top10 product, and monetization and tracking.

Developer Day
Sponsored sessions where software and hardware industry leaders share experiences and explore the different trends, along with introducing new support tools and guidelines for app making and product launching.

“We-App” Award Ceremony
Introducing the top successful 50 global mobile apps followed by an award ceremony nominating the most innovative app.

Innovative App Session
During this session key opinion leader and developers will exchange and explore application schemes, tap new businesses and opportunities and map out the market. In this session, a mobile App exchange space will be available where peers can easily interact with one another and exchange innovative ideas.


  • Developers will share their experience of “how to become a top tier developer” ;
  • Showcasing latest trends and products in an offline “App store” ;
  • “Resource database” where cloud services, data analysis, design, debugging, third-part plug-ins and overseas market will be available.

Contact: For more information on exhibiting, sponsoring and speaking please contact

In the past year, the number of new applications related to the mobile internet has been growing exponentially. Key areas include entertainment, social networking and even in fields of medicine etc. Applications are increasingly viewed as the new innovative extension to the Mobile Internet as well as a platform for new ideas to flourish and bear fruit. Finding the best applications and ideas among all is also the main motivation behind the Appraisal that GWC has started.

2015 marks the first “WE-APP” Appraisal. The letter “W” in “WE” stands for The “World”, “E” stands for “Excellent”. Hence, judging from the name, it is clear that GWC will be choosing the best global applications, namely, “The Global Mobile Internet’s Top 50 Best Applications” as well as several other interesting awards. The results will be announced and awarded during the 2015 Global Mobile Internet Conference(GMIC) in Beijing.

The applications that “WE-APP” focuses on must have a global outlook and most importantly, an aspiration to go global. Popularity does not matter in this appraisal; applications could be world-renowned, or they could still be in the development phase. Hence we gladly welcome any applications as long as they have a global need. Applications will go through a panel of professional judges, GWC Members, GMICers, the Media as well as users in order to get an all-rounded, fair judgment. Doing so will push your team’s products out to the global audience and obtain more opportunities in making a name for itself in the global arena.

Note: GMICers refer to GMIC’s participants as well as its fans. Currently, the total global GMICers has surpassed 5 million in number.

Selection Criteria

The Global Mobile Internet’s Top 50 Applications will be chosen by a professional panel, Media, GWC Members and GMICers during the period of 11th April to 18th April. They will also be invited to participate in the GMIC Global Mobile Internet Museum and exhibit their products.

The awards will be selected from the Mobile Internet Top 50 Applications separately. The GMICER Award will be awarded to teams as voted by the 30000 participants attending GMIC from 28th to 29th April. Besides that, all other awards will be selected by a professional panel from 11th April to 18th April. The award ceremony will take place during GMIC Thought Leader.

Feb.9 – Apr.10: APP Registration
Teams can register on the recommendations of users or register on their own accords. They will need to register on GWC’s website and submit the company name, APP name, a brief introduction, logo and other information as part of the registration process.

Apr.11 – Apr.18 Voting
GMICers who participate in the voting process and share the Appraisal on their social platforms can win attractive prizes!

Apr.20 Announcement: TOP50 Award
We will be announcing the winners and they will be invited to attend the G-Museum.

Apr.29 Announce Award Prizes
The products of the winning companies will be exhibited in the Global Mobile Internet Museum, attended by over 30,000 delegates. We will be giving out prizes during The Thought Leader (Main Stage)

Person-In-Charge:Ricky Lee

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