Global Mobile Finance Summit

Theme: Exuberance and Rationalization
Venue: CNCC , Beijing, China

Introduction of the Summit
Since 2011, adoption of digital-banking services has soared across Asia. Consumers are turning to computers, smartphones, and tablets more often to do business with their banks, while visiting branches and calling service lines less frequently. In developed Asian markets, Internet banking is now near universal, and smartphone banking has grown more than threefold since 2011. In emerging Asian markets, the trend is similarly dynamic, with about a quarter of consumers using computers and smartphones for their banking. And despite some structural obstacles, we believe this surge will continue. Except banking, security, insurance and clouding funding are succes-sively conjunct with mobile technology. The thriving development of technology drive the mar-ket online, since China government has advanced the concept, “Internet + ”, the recent rapid growth in mobile finance is likely to continue, and incumbents and entrants will be moving fast to stake their claims.

Exuberance, will effectively boost functioning of finance, but it also might unduly escalate posi-tive market sentiment and weaken our attention on rational challenges.

Global Mobile Finance Summit will bring the latest policy analysis respond to the authority’s call, Internet +. And 4 sections will share the most valuable insights from different perspectives.[The Gate towards mFinance], reveal insight and trend form the top payment platform; [The Vitality from mFinance], focus on the most dynamic companies, shining business models, inclusive finance and risk control system. [The Sense of mFinance] delve into how safe practice shapes market trend, dialog with world-renown companies and institutes about mobile and finance. [The Edge of mFinance] selected mobile internet companies with fast-growing business and ground breaking idea.

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