Global O2O Summit


Introduction of the Summit:
Many say O2O will be the next big thing. Indeed, it reached a new high last year, as a result of both investors and entrepreneurs having great enthusiasm and expectations of it. The Global O2O Summit at the GMIC 2015 is thus a specially planned session, with several of the world’s most famous O2O leaders joining us to share their insights and discuss the future development of China’s O2O.

Schedule of 2015 Global O2O Summit:

  • Dialogues on O2O development by representatives from China and the United States;
  • How O2O breaks the barriers of traditional businesses in order to achieve an online and offline win-win result;
  • O2O online payment – mobile finance creating new growth point;
  • How to improve the O2O customer experience and customer viscosity;
  • Opportunities and mindset of O2O investment;
  • Mobile O2O life as a changing lifestyle;
  • Mobile E-commerce themes.

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