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We look forward to seeing you at GMIC on April 28th, 2015 at the China National Convention Center in Beijing.

Useful information about your participation can be found below:


BADGE PICKUP: On Site Pickup at GMIC

Press registration is now open. Please fill out the online form along with your coupon code to obtain a QR code. Media badge pick up will be at the “International Media Entrance”, anytime between April 28th, 7am-5pm and April 29th, 7am-5pm. Please bring your ID to secure your badge.

To avoid the rush, we highly recommend that you pick up your badge at GMIC Registration (front entrance of the China National Convention Center) two days before the conference on Sunday, April 26th, anytime between 2pm to 6pm. For your reference, on-site registration will also be open from April 28th, 7am-5pm and April 29th , 7am-5pm.


AGENDA: For a full GMIC Beijing Main Stage agenda, please click here.


April 28th Morning Session:
— Thought Leader Stage —
Qualcomm Keynote – Steve Mollenkopf, CEO, Qualcomm – 09:30-10:20
Theme: Mobile “Inside”: New Usages to the Smart Chip
Huawei Honor – Keynote + New Products Release –George Zhao, Huawei Honor President – 10:20-11:10
Theme: Limitations & Opportunities: Sustainability of Smart Equipment
Tencent Keynote + New Product Release – Mark Ren, Tencent COO – 11:10-12:00

April 28th Afternoon Session:
— Thought Leader Stage —
Alibaba Keynote – Yongfu Yu, Alibaba Mobile Business Group President – 13:30-13:50
Theme: Internet + : The Dynamics Behind Restructuring
Osaka University Intelligent Robotics Laboratories – Keynote + Demonstration – Hiroshi Ishiguro, Osaka University Intelligent Robotics Laboratories – 13:50-14:30
Transporting Into The Future – What Happens To Second Generation Robots?
InMobi Keynote – Keynote – Naveen Tewari, InMobi CEO – 16:10-16:30
Theme: The Newest Trends In Global Mobile Marketing

April 29th Morning Session:
— Thought Leader Stage —
New Oriental Education Keynote –Min hong Yu, New Oriental Education CEO – 09:30-09:50
Theme: The Stages Of Online Education


Side Stages

Global Robotics Conference – April 29th
Global Robotics Conference is a one-day program that brings together world-renowned roboticists, scholars and company founders. Insights on market penetration, latest technologies, products on the artificial intelligence front and the future development of the industry will be shared.

Mobile Marketing Summit – April 28-29
Mobile Marketing Summit will invite renowned investors, outstanding foreign mobile marketing leaders, media, advertising agencies, third parties and advertisers, to analyze and discuss the opportunities and challenges for mobile marketing in the short history and long future, as well as how mobile marketing will break out amidst infinite possibilities and constraints.

Mobile Health Summit – April 28th
The Mobile Health Summit will focus on how to improve the medical concept of mobile healthcare products in order to better meet the medical needs of the public. We will also explore the various types of offline resources connected to the mobile healthcare ecosystem, and how to occupy a favorable position in the continuously expanding market environment.

Smart Home Summit – April 29th
Smart TV’s are drawing consumer’s focus back to the living room, and Android is leading the way towards a connected home. GWC has invited influencers of the industry to attend and participate in efforts to eliminate the bottleneck and create a welcoming environment to facilitate the industry development in to the smart “living room”.

G-Startup – April 28th
G-Startup is the “Geekest” mobile Internet innovation platform. Started from 2011, G-Startup has successfully attracted thousands of startups to participate in the G-Startup competition over the past 4 years. The top 10 selected groups will present their ideas on the of G-Startup stage, and compete for an award.

Global Game Summit – April 28th
Global mobile game operators, developers, publishers, distributors and investors will attend the summit to explore the different trends of the mobile gaming industry.

Global Mobile Education Forum – April 29th
The Mobile Education Summit will bring together global educators, entrepreneurs, mobile education developers and pioneers who are committed to the cause of education, to share experiences, promote mobile education and create an impact on its future. If we say that education is the future of mankind, then mobile education is a” flying” castle in the clouds built for the future of mankind.

Global O2O Summit – April 28th
The Global O2O Summit is a specially planned session, with several of the world’s most famous O2O leaders joining us to share their insights and discuss the future development of China’s O2O.

Global Mobile Finance Summit – April 29th
Global Mobile Finance Summit will bring the latest policy analysis responds to the authority’s call.

Mobile Internet Talent Summit – April 28th
GWC joins hands with, the most influential Chinese internet recruitment platform, to host the Mobile Internet Talent Summit with the aim of analyzing the developing trend of mobile Internet personnel, with a key focus talent growth.

appSpace – April 28-29th
“appSpace” will explore different platforms for developers, application operators, software providers and hardware suppliers to analyze current and future industry trends.

Smart Devices Summit – April 28th
The Coolest smart devices and wearables will be showcased at the Smart Devices Summit. Technology facilitates everyday convenience. Join us in this great experience of its unique charm.

E-Commerce Forum – April 28th
E-Commerce Forum supplies the marketing strategy of high-tech products on the Internet and explores the different marketing strategies using e-commerce platforms available nowadays.


VENUE DETAILS: China National Convention Center in Beijing’s Olympic Park

Wifi will be provided throughout the venue, but the CNCC cannot guarantee that it will be reliable at all times.
For a floor plan of GMIC Beijing, please click here.


The international media room is located in room 408 which has charging stations and seats for media.
Room 208A should be reserved only for international interviews by April 26th by email to

Room 208B is a rest rest room reserved for international media


We have reserved approximately 30 seats reserved for international media with security near rows 5-10 on the left side of the stage, which will be available on a first-come first-serve basis. These seats have high-speed wired internet connections.


If you require translation services for your interviews, please contact the individual, below, before the conference for more information.

Lucy Li
We also have a few volunteers on-site you can provide non-professional translation. For more information about volunteers, please contact Cathy Wang (


GMIC will have photographers on-site to capture session highlights for your use. These photographs will be uploaded to Cloud on the evening of April 28 and April 29.

Access the photographs here:
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