Global Mobile Education Forum

Theme: The Flying Classroom:“Mobile” Educates the Future

With society seeing increasing demand for knowledge, the education sector is beginning to face a host of new problems, and mobile education is not spared.

Mobile education aims to surpass traditional education with the introduction of new teaching media, so that classrooms can “fly”. The future school will no longer be confined to a fixed location, but rather, “cloud schools” everywhere. People will soon be able to reach out to quality knowledge and interact with teaching professionals anytime and anywhere, without users being restricted by demographics of age, country, gender, etc. Mobile education has, over the years, attracted considerable attention as a result of its convenience, efficiency, and safety features.

The GMIC Mobile Education Summit will bring together global educators, entrepreneurs, mobile education developers and pioneers who are committed to the cause of education, to share experiences, promote mobile education and create an impact on its future. If we say that education is the future of mankind, then mobile education is a” flying” castle in the clouds built for the future of mankind.


  • Discussing the dominance of mobile education in today’s world
  • Covering all stages of education (early education, school education, lifelong education, etc.)
  • Bringing global educators, entrepreneurs and mobile education developers together to explore market trends

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