Mobile Health Summit

Theme: Reforming the Future of Mobile Healthcare Services.

Introduction of the Summit:
Why is mobile healthcare inevitable? The rise of smart hardware terminals and mobile internet has provided the mobile healthcare industry with a suitable environment for explosive growth. The mobile healthcare app industry has developed rapidly, and seen over 2,000 versions to date. By 2017, the global mobile healthcare market is estimated to value at $ 23 billion, while China’s alone is expected to approximate $ 2.5 billion. The summit will focus on how to improve the medical concept of mobile healthcare products in order to better meet the medical needs of the public. We will also explore the various types of offline resources connected to the mobile healthcare ecosystem, and how to occupy a favorable position in the continuously expanding market environment.

Summit Highlights:

  • Industry trend analysis of the 2015 mobile healthcare market
  • Industry knowledge exchanges with successful market players within the mobile healthcare app industry
  • Investment analysis on the mobile healthcare industry

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