Mobile Internet Talent Summit

Theme: Talents can change the future

Introduction of the Summit:
The world’s most powerful mobile internet platform, GWC, joins hands with, the most influential Chinese internet recruitment platform, to host the Mobile Internet Talent Summit with the aim of analyzing the developing trend of mobile Internet personnel, with a key focus talent growth.

The scarcity of high quality mobile Internet professionals has been identified as the largest impediment to the development of the Chinese Internet industry. According to a CNNIC report, China has already surpassed the US in terms of smartphone usage within the population, but while its mobile Internet environment is mature, the scarcity of talent is becoming increasingly serious, especially amongst senior executives. In 2014, the demand of app developers was found to be north of 2 million, while the actual number of industry employees was only fewer than 700,000, highlighting a gaping shortfall between manpower demand and supply.

On April 28th, 2015, GWC will work alongside to share an in-depth analysis of the industry status quo. We will explore the manpower structures within China’s mobile Internet industry, based on industry resources and data accumulated by both parties, and further engage the topics of enterprise employment and talent development. Talks held by mobile Internet business owners will also aim to solve these pressing manpower issues and offer dedicated solutions to the participants present.


  • The release of the “Mobile Internet Career Report 2015”, published by
  • In-depth analysis of mobile Internet talents & market manpower trends
  • Face-to-face discussion with senior HR experts

Topic Preview:

  • Career report of the mobile Internet industry;
  • Magnate’s employment principle;
  • To get a job or to create it?
  • Type of talents the industry needs;
  • Venture enterprise’s talent training program;
  • Choice > Effort.

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