Mobile Marketing Summit

Summit theme: Inspiring the future

Mobile Internet has become a deservedly indispensible part of all industries today. To mobile marketers nowadays, content optimization and conclusion of sales have become the biggest research topics. GMIC Beijing 2015 Mobile Marketing Summit will invite renowned investors, outstanding foreign mobile marketing leaders, the media, advertising agencies, third parties and advertisers, to analyze and discuss the opportunities and challenges for mobile marketing in the short history and long future, as well as how mobile marketing will break out amidst infinite possibilities and constraints.

As time goes by, our world will remain ever changing. In this session we will find the answers to questions such as:

  • With countless new technologies constantly emerging through the years, how did marketers handle the change? All this time, what has changed, and what has remained the same?
  • “Impossible things happen more often”. What will become a reality in the approaching Web 3.0 and mobile era?
  • Amidst challenges and opportunities in this day and age, will the success and failures, of our industry forerunners be able to spur you forward?
  • “Wow Moment” – surprise of the session

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