Global Smart Devices Summit

Theme: Cool, fun, and useful smart devices and wearables, those most creative products will all be included in this year’s Smart Devices Summit. Technology facilitates everyday convenience. Join us in this great experience of its unique charm.

Introduction of the Summit:
Smart device industry continued to boom in 2014,smartbands, smartwatches, health sensors, wireless scales and electrosphygmomanometers, a large number of new products sprung up covering the field of smart homes, health, fashion and so on. And the first month of 2015 alone witnessed more than 5 new smart device releases, which indicated a growing interest in this emerging market. Still, is there anything we should be concerned about behind this seemingly prosperous industry? And what would be the challenges and opportunities of its future development? Beside those cool, fun, useful smart devices, In Smart Devices Summit 2015, we also present to you the latest information of the industry and the most in-depth interpretations of those questions you care most about. Come join us in this fantastic experience.

Summit Highlights:

  • Latest innovations in smart devices
  • The past,present and future of the industry
  • Addressing the challenges and embracing the opportunities of the industry
  • A great chance to join smart device ecosystem and get access to potential cooperation

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