Smart Home Summit

Topic: TV Games – “Perfect your Family”

In 2015 due to improvements in the home entertainment industry, concepts such as TV games, smart homes, and family internet are becoming gradually preferred by capital market. Following the trend, BAT, 360 and other Internet companies are entering the industry while focusing on TV games. By the end of the third quarter of 2014, smart TV‘s sold over 35 million units . According to AVC’s prediction, by 2017 smart TV units will be used in over 8 million households.

Facing the bottleneck of domestic TV games and home entertainment, the combination of hardware and software, the lack of CP content, creates a situation where user discovery rate is still relatively low and the need for cooperation between industry leaders becomes a priority. 3F alliance, whose slogan is marketing ecologically, developing integrated, will build “Future Home Entertainment Forum” will be in GMIC in efforts to boost exposure to the industry. GWC has invited influencers of the industry to attend and participate at GMIC in efforts to eliminate the bottleneck and create a welcoming environment to facilitate the industry development in to the smart “living room”.


  • Three major industry players cooperate in the smart home entertainment field
  • Share efforts of smart-home platform building and win-win strategies of key players and ecosystem
  • Introducing OTT demand and ways to obtain the license focusing on TV game field
  • Introduce newest international home game trends and user conversion
  • Introduce current and new trends of smart home terminal hardware development along with manufacturers
  • Introduce user behavior

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