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TeleSign is the leader in Mobile Identity solutions, helping customers secure more than 3.5 billion end user accounts worldwide and prevent registration fraud, while improving user experience and managing costs. TeleSign delivers account security and fraud prevention with two-factor authentication (2FA) based on each user’s Mobile Identity (phone number, device and behavior) and driven by real-time, global intelligence, including reputation scoring and device data.

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Ryan Disraeli, Co-Founder and VP, Fraud Services – TeleSign

Topic: The Mobile Identity Revolution

Description: Given the widespread presence of mobile devices, the mobile phone number is quickly emerging as the most critical identity tool for both mobile and web applications. Join TeleSign Co-Founder Ryan Disraeli as he discusses the security and user experience implications of identity tools like email and social, and why companies are shifting toward mobile phones for their ability to establish Mobile Identity as the keystone of account security for everything from retail rewards programs to event ticketing and gaming.