Thought Leader

Theme: It is the world’s hottest congregation platform for the Mobile Internet industry, as well as a place where the newest and latest topics are discussed and shared.

Introduction of the Summit:
Through Leader Summit is The Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC)’s Main Speaker Arena. The Summit consists of speeches made by the most important speakers, who will be discussing about the latest and hottest industry topics. Something worth noting about the Summit is that many companies will be announcing their new products and future company strategies. The participants will benefit greatly from this exclusive sharing as they are able to learn deeper about the trends and latest happenings in the industry.
The topics discussed by the speakers will cover many of the hottest areas in the Mobile Internet industry, including:

  • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
  • The Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Cloud Services and Big Data
  • Mobile Industrial Internet (Including of Mobile Health, Mobile Automobiles, Mobile Education, Mobile Finance, O2O etc.)

Summit Highlights:

  • Three international companies have confirmed that they will be announcing their most-anticipated products during the Summit.
  • At least ten Robotics Analysts will be on-site to speak and conduct product showcases.
  • The five most popular Indian companies will be participating in the Summit.
  • Opportunities to communicate with CEO Representatives from companies in America, Japan, India, Israel and etc.

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