WOWO, love in the hand!

WOWO Smart massage gloves, heritage meridian theory, the integration of modern science and technology, transfer of health, passing love, an effective solution to the modern sub-health problem. WOWO Smart massage glove has the following three characteristics features!

1. GOOD LOOKING, well-built by a team of internationally renowned designer, the appearance of simple, stylish, ergonomic interior structure.

2. EASY combined with traditional Chinese medicine meridian health and modern intelligence technology, according to 12 hour health, the world’s first all five kinds of men and women personalized massage mode with different hour of the corresponding parts of the body massage. Female Promoting blood circulation, Beautiful hand, beauty, sleep aids, comfortable shoulder; male kidney, nourishing the heart, sleep aids, spleen, and stomach.

3. FUN,easy remote control available phone APP, personalized massage. And through the WeChat of friends, feel free to share with friends and family, hook a hook, touch, hold a grip, interactive and by love in his hand.

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